The West Durrington Consortium are pleased to welcome you to this website that outlines the proposals for the development of the West Durrington Northern Sector.

This stage focuses on the suitability of the site for residential development and the position of the proposed accesses.

All other matters, such as the detailed design of the homes, would be reserved for consideration in future planning applications.

Members of the development team can help explain the proposals and answer your questions. Your comments are important to us and will inform our proposals going forward, so please take time to view the proposals and complete the feedback form.

West Durrington Consortium

The Consortium is made up of three parties – Persimmon Homes, Heron Land and Taylor Wimpey and all members of the Consortium pride themselves on creating balanced communities where people are happy to live and which meet high design and environmental qualities.

You may recall that the West Durrington Consortium brought forward the consented development to the south of the proposed site back in 2011 and indeed highlighted the potential for development of the West Durrington Northern Sector at that time.

Persimmon Homes

Persimmon is proud to be one of the UK’s leading house builders, committed to the highest standards of design, construction and service. Persimmon take their environmental responsibilities very seriously and are passionate about designing homes that are sensitive to the environment in which they are built.

Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey are one of the largest homebuilders in the UK, however their regional approach to development gives them the benefit of indepth knowledge and experience of local housing markets. Taylor Wimpey believe that development is about more than creating homes and provides millions of pounds worth of infrastructure across the UK every year. Taylor Wimpey aim to create vibrant communities with a true sense of place that fit into their surroundings and meet the needs of local people.

Heron Land

Heron Land has over 40 years’ experience in land development and specialises in large residential-led developments. The Heron name is synonymous with successful and quality development. In particular, Heron Land has a proven track record of the optimising potential of each site for the benefit of future residents and the wider community.

Northern Sector Application Site

Approved Southern Sector Masterplan