Vehicular Access

Access to the Northern Sector would be through two access points in the southern boundary of the site, into planned linkages through the Southern Sector development - there are no new road links planned to the A27 or any other existing roads. The effect of additional traffic from the site upon existing roads has previously been considered and tested as part of the approved application for the Southern Sector and these tests have been fully reviewed to bring them up to date and as a result further off site highway improvements have been identified which will be agreed with the WSCC in the same manner as was done for the Southern Sector.

Movement Strategy Plan

Movement Strategy Plan - click image to enlarge

Public Transport

Northern Sector residents would be served by the frequent and efficient ‘Pulse’ bus service that is being brought into the Southern Sector which would have stops a short distance away in the southern area. The bus stop at the junction of Adur Avenue and Cherwell Road is also readily accessible plus improvements Movement Stratergy Plan to the evening and weekend services are under discussion with WSCC to generally enhance bus services across the area.

Bus Services Plan

Bus Services Plan - click image to enlarge

A27 Footbridge

A range of public bodies and stakeholders are interested to explore whether a future bridge could be put over the A27 to increase pedestrian access to the South Downs National Park from Worthing. Such a strategic provision is not the responsibility of the Consortium, although the masterplan can allow within its landscaping buffers for accommodation of access to a future crossing, in the event that the Local Councils and other stakeholders may wish to explore this opportunity further in the future.