The Southern Sector reserves land and contributes for a new school site intended to serve pre-secondary school pupils from the proposed scheme and would be a very convenient walk away at no more than about 600 metres.

Sustainability Plan

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Significant financial contribution is reserved in the Southern Sector being made to the authorities for primary care support which could include expansion or extension of existing local facilities. Land is also set aside and available in the Southern Sector, adjacent to the Tasman Way link, for a suitable community use which could be available for medical facilities should an operator or doctors’ practice come forward.

Other facilities and amenities

A new community hub is already planned and approved within the Southern Sector with a flexible hall space, multi-use games area, play areas, sports pitch and allotments and will be readily accessible and of great benefit to the new Northern Sector. Provision of an additional open space, walking/cycling routes and possibly a further play area are also being considered.

The Northern Sector would be close to the existing Coach and Horses Public House and would have convenient pedestrian and cycle links in this direction.

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